Sunday, August 30, 2009

I know that there are answers to many of the questions that I have about so many things in this world - but I just have not yet discovered them - Now how might I best be getting round to seeking out those answers - I think it best to pose them to myself and allow my mind to make the discovery of those answers for me - since it is the most powerful computer in the Universe and as such has direct access to all of the information that is available and that exists -

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The sleeping giant is awakening!

The sleeping giant is becoming awakened as people begin to become aware of and realize what is being proposed in the administration's current "health care bill" - are you aware of what is in this bill and exactly how it will effect you and your loved ones?

Understanding Health Care vs. Health Insurance - separating the two - a true necessity!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Understanding Health Care vs. Health Insurance -separating the two - a true necessity!

No business can expect to give less service and demand customer loyalty while threatening the very existence of the customer's survival - all of which the glimpses into the proposed health plan which has not honestly been explained by any neutral party yet - promise to provide -

the real fact is that many many many or let's say the major portion of the population of the United States of America now are satisfied if not extremely happy with their health care - it is the costs that they may wish to see reduced - but they certainly do not wish to have their coverage reduced in any way - and it is most probably expected in some underlying way that the geniuses of the business world come up with a plan where insurance providers can cover all needed care that is needed while reducing the costs - this is what should be focused on being accomplished and not the destruction of a perfectly good system that works so well for so many individuals and groups while the financial coverage of the health services for individuals who are not covered at this point in time is an excellent goal for the government to take on - that is not reason or excuse or justification for the forcing of the lowering of the standards that are available to the majority of the population as things stand now -

this type of manipulation did not work with the financial system itself and in fact led the current crises that the entire world is just beginning to perhaps recover from - and it is definitely a plan which every clearly thinking individual that is covered by health insurance at present has a right and obligation to protest against with all of his or her - while this is still a freedom loving county and this type of debate and protest as well as the checks and balances system in this country is still alive and well and functioning properly!!!

No one - should confuse health care with health insurance -

health care refers to the care and services that the doctors - nurses and other health professionals provide to actually improve - maintain and extend individual's lives - while health insurance is the financial system that has evolved to make the health care that people need - when and where they may need it - affordable - it is and must be the challenge of the health insurance industry to address the cost issue for the individuals that are currently covered by the insurance types that already exist and for the government to enlist either one of these insurance providers or one of their own to provide the financial coverage to provide for those who the government deems in need of health care but do not currently have it - this makes a clear and definite separation between what needs to be left alone (the health care system in this country itself) and what needs to be addressed by both the insurance industry (lovering costs altogether) and the government - financing insurance to cover those who are not insured for health care coverage and who desire and are in need of such health care - and nothing more - reducing the care that anyone gets at present - in order to give any coverage at all to a person with no coverage - can not exist under the disguise of compassion by any means whatsoever - no way - no how!!!!

do not let anyone pull any such wool over you or anyone else's eyes - this is simply an untruth - be clear that health care which is needed in differing proportions by each and every individual cannot be doled out like a portion of food on a person's plate at the fanciest of restaurants or at a homeless shelter - but should and must be available when - where and as much or as little as any individual no matter who they are - is in need of such - and towards this end it is the challenge of our country and society to invent and invest in IMPROVEMENTS and INCREASES in the HEALTH CARE that everyone receives while LOWERING the COSTS to everyone - which may mean a closer examination of the HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY - and the companies functioning in that sector of business -

LLOYD'S - insurance for beginners

The first large insurance company, and the most famous in the world today, is Lloyd's of London. This company was founded in 1689 by a group of men who met in Lloyd's coffee house in London, and originally sold only ship insurance.

Today you can buy insurance on almost anything — a house, a car, a painting, even a life. But the first kind of insurance ever sold was probably for ships. There are records of ship insurance dating back to the days of early Rome, around 300 B.C.

The first person ever to be insured was a ship's captain named William Gibbons, who was insured by a group of Englishmen in 1583.

The highest life insurance pay-out of all time was $18 million, paid to the widow of an American rancher in 1970!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

the more you know - the more you do - the more you have - the more you will see how little you have of what there is to have to do and to know and that will give you the perspective to see just what abundance is and how much of it there is in the world -