Saturday, July 28, 2012


The Art of Time and Money Which although seems to allude all forms of inspection is really most probably the cause of any distress in the worlds of yesterday - today or tomorrow. First of all, let me thank you for spending your time to at least begin, if not continue reading this piece, since it is, whether you realize it or not, allowing me to convey to you an important part of my thinking. And besides the value of your time, which I acknowledge you are giving me at this very moment, I would also hope to acknowledge that this translates to money, whether in yesterday’s, today’s, or tomorrows, value of the idea referred to as money, and as such that your investment of your time in reading these words will bring you some profit, which for you specifically reading this will translate into a greater profit (idea or otherwise), and therefore make your investment a worthwhile one. Next, let me add an important concept into the arena of ideas, and say that the idea or ideas that one is working with (be it money or any other idea) change(s) constantly with thought - whether it is thought about the idea specifically, thought about the relationship of the idea to things, thought about the idea to other ideas or, just pure thought on any number of factors which make up the idea in it’s totality. This being the case, an infinite amount of thought (constantly changing and infinitely generated by ones mind) can be looked at in reference to any one of the above mentioned items without exhausting the ability for a single person, let alone a combination of two or more person’s working on the same subject together, to increase the thought on the subject infinitely. Why should we stop? Where should we stop? What should we stop for? What constitutes a need or reason to stop? And, in reality, when we appear to stop, do we in fact actually stop, or is there a continuation in the subconscious in the same direction with the thought, despite our conscious effort to chose a point where the thought direction and progress has stopped? When looked at from this perspective, thought on any subject, in any direcion does not have to nor does it likely ever stop in any one direction when we consciously think it does, and therefore the thought does not have to hinder or prevent or interfere with our productivity in the physical world (in the case of the Industrial World) or the knowledge based or idea world (in the Information World), but merely continues throughout as we develop more and more and evolve into our next World - the Thought World, where constant thought changes as well as physical changes are constantly noticed as part of the scenery in the everyday landscape, and lend themselves to a better undertanding as to what exactly is going on in our environments. How does this translate into an Art of Time and Money? Simply add a greater amount of thought to any Time and/or Money transactions and the infinite dimension of the thought direction is added to enhance and transform each one of these transaction into infinite understandings. Greater profit than this no man can ask for at the present moment! 6-23-2012FABC by Walter Paul Bebirian
6-23-2012FABC by Walter Paul Bebirian

Friday, July 27, 2012


perhaps this whole money thing is simply who can control who in what way - listen - the government - whoever or whatever that is prints or created money and then we use it to buy this service or product or a company pays us to do this job or that job and the government always takes something along the way - so a dollar that the Uncle Sam created and put into this system that was somehow created becomes 66 or whatever cents when I earn it and then it becomes less when someone else earns it and there is never enough and there definitely has never been enough dollars ever printed to represent all of the wealth that exists in this country never mind the world and then everyone fights over this thing or that and well there simply are always more things and services than there are dollars in the world until imaginary dollars are created on Wall Street and then Uncle Sam gets nervous and wants to reign in some of that money so that Wall Street does not get out of control - or even the big companies don't get out of control - because how can we have a government when things get out of control - right? ------------------------and so when people - no matter whether they are rich - middle of the road or poor get scarred that things are in a crises mode - well then all things go crazy and people stop spending or they spend too much or maybe even they are not sure which way to go - and well the political class that wants to stay or get or whatever they want power for just mix up the whole thing even more to confuse and complicate matters even worse - In the loooooong run my friends - whether one side or the other or some man from outer space shows up - none of what is happening today will really ever matter - somehow - one way or the other eventually all of this will disappear and things will be extremely different than anything that we could possibly imagine today - and if you don't believe that - just stick around and watch ! :-) and just imagine - there was a point in the country and across continents in Europe where there were many different currencies that people dealt with - how were things managed back then? 6-23-2012BABCDEFGHIJ by Walter Paul Bebirian
6-23-2012BABCDEFGHIJ by Walter Paul Bebirian


the only difficulty that has ever led to any financial crises in the minds of the people in this world is a inability to perceive a whole picture as to the value of all things that exist in the world today - I don't believe it matters what the spending of the government is - if for example - I have a house that was valued at $18,000. 50 years ago and has gone up in value to $700,000. today - and perhaps my deficit or what I owed against that house was $10.000 when I purchased it and I maintained a relatively tight budget over the years but due to my deficit spending I owe $50,000 today - well as a percentage of what the house is worth - what I owe is a much smaller percentage than what I owed 50 years ago - what is really something that needs to be evaluated and pointed out to every single citizen is what exactly are all of the assets of the entire United State worth - not only what the government is worth or the corporations or the individuals - but every single item - from antiques to agriculture to the intellectual capital of each and every human brain in this country so that deficits can be presented in comparison to the total worth of the country - in my example above - if the person who purchased the house 50 years ago did not know the current value of their home is $700,000 and that the antiques inside their home or the earning power of the individuals living in that home and so many other factors that go into calculating the true asset value of the owner of that house then there is certainly only misunderstanding about what their home is worth as compared to the debt that they have and the percentage of this debt compared to this value and the percentage of the debt that they had 50 years ago as compared the value of what they had back then - 6-14-2011A by Walter Paul Bebirian
6-14-2011A by Walter Paul Bebirian

Monday, July 16, 2012


THE GREATEST IDEA THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN All throughout the history of mankind - ideas have been entering the minds of men and women and they have, with the help of their subconscious minds, been directed, along every step of the way, and been given the information needed to know how to move towards and to know exactly how to achieve the materialization of these ideas, which are, in reality, given to him or her, through this subconscious mind as well. If, for any reason, there is any doubt in the reader's mind about the means and wherewithal for such transference of these ideas towards the mind of men and women from the subconscious as well as the use of the subconscious to direct men and women towards materializing the ideas which he or she has been given - it is not my place here to either explain this phenomenon any further or to convince the reader of this - but instead to direct your reading towards the multitude of materials that have been written over the ages about this subject and which can be easily obtained through so many channels - On the contrary, I am writing this particular article to merely place with the written word a most simple but profound idea within the minds of the readers of this article - just one of these ideas that has been given to me personally, and that idea which I will call "THE GREATEST IDEA THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN" is that an entirely new world - a world where men and women live with each and every other man, woman and child peacefully and in total harmony, can and does exist and this world, which I have been given the idea to create and which I have begun creating and which does already exist is what I call: Volord Kingdom and now that I have placed this idea in you the reader's mind, there will be the opportunity for you to, on a continuous basis during the rest of your life, to both see signs of the creation, the existence and emergence of Volord Kingdom until there will be, as far as you are able to sense, absolutely none of the qualities of the old world, the world where things that you have previously disliked about the world do not exist any longer, as well as the ability for you to partake in the creation of this new world as well. For myself, there may be lots more or not much more that will be required of me to see this idea into total fruition, but now that this "THE GREATEST IDEA THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN" has been revealed to you - the reader of this article - it is now partially left up to you and all of the millions of people who will be reading this article over the years to partake in being directed by your subconscious minds towards accomplishing this goal both here and throughout the entire Universe. thank you! Walter Paul Bebirian 2-7-2012BABCDEFGHIJKLMN by Walter Paul Bebirian
2-7-2012BABCDEFGHIJKLMN by Walter Paul Bebirian


Dreams With the coming of the age of the Internet along with the computer, the digital camera and various software for transforming pure energy into infinite images there have been many of my dreams and beyond that have been fulfilled - There has been my becoming The Richest Man in the World Ever because of the fact that not only can I offer my Fine Art For Sale - Highest Quality Fine-Art Prints to people all over the world, but every person in the world who has access to a computer to view my art can do so 24 hours 365 days per year and they can do this completely free of charge, and also, because I have been able to create so many images of varying color combinations and varying subjects and shapes and styles there has been the creation of The Ultimate Source of Renewable Energy because of the enormous size of The Bebirian Art Collection - and because of the great number of people viewing my images every day - there is a chance that new ideas, inspirations and motivations will be stimulated by all of these people viewing these images. And now an even greater dream is possible to realize for me and that is that EXCEPT IN NEW YORK as well as in a few other limited number of locations there is a chance through the affiliate program described in the article EXCEPT IN NEW YORK, for just about anyone who wants to to earn some money by introducing my art to their friends, family and others whom they may come in contact with when a purchase of either a print or a canvas is made! Also, through many other wonderful affiliate programs I have been able to offer many people through Business Opportunities both ways to promote their businesses and websites and to earn some extra income by presenting some of these programs to their friends and other people with whom they may come in contact with over the course of time and also I have been able to create quite a number of Marketing Tools utilizing the Facebook fan page feature for a number of general topics. Both of these groups of opportunities can be found on my main website for Volord Kingdom and I certainly hope that as many people will take a look at these Business Opportunities as well as the Markeing Tools and make good use of them for themselves. There are, of course many other dreams that will be coming to me over the moments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years and perhaps lifetimes ahead of me but I would like to express thanks to the entire Universe and Everyone and Everything in it for allowing me to see so many of my dreams fulfilled till this point in time in my life!!! thank you Everyone and Everything and may you all have the ability and good fortune to see all of your dreams till this point in time and beyond - fulfilled as well and I hope more than anything in the World that there might be a chance that in some small way either through my images in The Bebirian Art Collection, the Business Opportunities, the Marketing Toolls or perhaps even through the other Products or through anything else that I may be able to offer you in the future that I have helped you to achieve your dreams as well! thank you! Walter 1-31-2012DABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ by Walter Paul Bebirian
1-31-2012DABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ by Walter Paul Bebirian

The Ultimate Source of Renewable Energy

The Ultimate Source of Renewable Energy While there are many experts that are focused on and concentrating their efforts or reaping the rewards of discovering and harnessing the energy that they believe will be a constant source of renewable energy - there is actually only one true and Ulimate Source of Renewable Energy and like most things that are valuable and necessary to man needing his discovery of it in order to survive on this planet - This Ultimate Source of Renewable Energy is not to be found in the ground or in the air or in the wind the rain or the Rivers -lakes or pond scum but in the minds of the humans that inhabit the earth - and perhaps other beings that may also be eventually discovered in the solar system and beyond in the great galaxies of the heavens - Nowhere else than in the human minds lay the power to take the thoughts that come to it and transform the worlds that they inhabit - to invent - to create - to transform as well as to totally reshape the environment that humans inhabit to accommodate the environment to their liking to make things more pleasant and to allow them to better function and continue on further in their ability with their minds to create even more powerful and greater amounts of energy - This transformation within the human mind can be stimulated - enhanced - magnified and redirected utilizing the colors - shapes - textures and thought provoking qualities of the thousands upon thousand of images which are being created and uploaded to The Bebirian Art Collection every single day and which themselves are being created by one single mind highly focused - concentrated and determined to mine the energies within it to share with the other minds within all of the other over 7.006 Billion humans beings living on the surface of the planet that we call earth - It is suggested that if any individual human being is searching for an answer - striving for a means to discover or looking for a way to enhance their own individual means of transforming - reshaping - redirecting and enhancing their own innate abilities to create such grand amounts of energy - needed in the discovery and the challenge to highly focus and concentrate at just about any task at hand - that they do such enhancing of these innate abilities with the aid of the great power provided within each and every one of the now over 120,000 images provided in The Bebirian Art Collection which is provided free for every single person on this planet earth who can make themselves available to internet access to utilize for such positive purposes without any cost to them at all - It is my intention to show that the over 8 million people residing in New York City - the over 19 million people residing in New York State - the over 300 million people residing in the United States and the over 7 Billion people residing on the planet we have named earth each have equal and unlimited access to these images and can all either work together or individually to discover the great power of The Ultimate Source of Renewable Energy that exists within each and every human being and how with the tools provided which I am indicating are the many images now showing within the many galleries of The Bebirian Art Collection there is an over abundance of ways in which this energy within all of these human minds may be easily and continuously tapped into - thank you and I wish each and every human being on earth great success and all the best in all that you do! Walter Paul Bebirian 8-20-2011GABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTU by Walter Paul Bebirian
8-20-2011GABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTU by Walter Paul Bebirian

The Richest Man in The World Ever

The Richest Man in The World Ever For Years people have been striving to become and stay rich and perhaps become the richest as possible that they ever could and at the same time most of the rest of the world has been looking on with envy at those who have either achieved that role in society whether it was some person in the U.S. or in a country outside of the U.S. and what has never been accomplished was someone even coming close the the Oil Billionaire John D. Rockefeller and his vast empire of the Standard Oil Company which was broken up because it was declared a monopoly, and this breakup of his company actually made him even richer than he was before it was broken up - Rockefeller's riches depended on oil flowing out of the ground and then his company refining that oil into products that could be used by vast numbers of people throughout the world - but the supply of this oil needed to be replenished by continuous methods and by more and more ingenuity on the part of the oil drilling companies to keep up with the demand. Now I have discovered a supply of what I produce - whether it be images or ideas - that will never ever end - and the products that I make can be utilized by people throughout the world who can view and enjoy them and will not be used up no matter how far into the future we will be looking - for generations and generations to come - and so I can say that being able to produce products that everyone including the Richest People in the World down to the poorest of poor and every single person in between can utilize for free by viewing them - and since producing these coninuously for such a great extended time I have created and will continue to create an extremely large number of these images and ideas - and since they will be available for generations ad infinitum into the future as well to first view absolutely free and since many if not all of these individuals do and will value the images and ideas as I create them now and for time immemorial and this making the images desireable to many as prints and canvases and whatever other products that I will be choosing to produce with my ideas - makes me The Richest Man in The World Ever and I am sharing my wealth with everyone rich or poor so there will be no reason for anyone ever to envy what I have created since each and every person will be able to garner as little or as much from the ability to view these images freely and make use of that viewing to their own advantage if they so choose to - and so it is with pleasure that I present these concepts to you: MONEY by Walter Paul Bebirian
MONEY by Walter Paul Bebirian

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Art Versus Business

Art versus Business-if you think back through the centuries of the history of mankind-and the different civilizations-you will realize that none of the businesses that existed thousands or hundreds of years ago - exist today and yet there are millions of works of arts and artifacts from ancient civilizations that still exist and are treasured in today's world - This is something very profound to think about as you go about your daily business of attempting to acquire wealth in the form of money 6-24-2012DAB by Walter Paul Bebirian
6-24-2012DAB by Walter Paul Bebirian