Friday, April 30, 2010

"Today April 30, 2010 is the Very Last Day"

If you have any interest in what is known as Social Media Marketing - you have a few hours left today to sign up as at a one time fee to be a founding member here:

or here:

with this founding membership you will be connecting to the most advanced Social Media Marketing Group on the planet - where your one post on the Sokule site can be set up to be transmitted and posted on any number of some 39 other Social Media sites and this number is growing each day -

Did you know that there are some 300 Social Media sited throughout the world (I know because there is a company that has signed me up for all of them - giving me a global presence for my Art work) and eventually I believe that Sokule will be working towards your one post being able to show up on each of these networks as well -

Well when you post to Sokule and that post shows up on the other sites - there is a link created back to your Sokule site page so that the reader of your post is encouraged to sign up for Sokule under you and then generate income for you - in the case of a founding member you will receive 50% of the sale whether it is for the one time membership fee or for a recurring monthly or yearly fee - but rest assured this site is going to be really big because of the knowledge and expertise that is being set to work to increase it;s growth and powerful tools each step of the way -

Try not to miss out - but if you do there is still time to become a founding member and pay a one time fee after today -only that fee will be $500.00 higher than it is today!

Go for it! this will definitely be the most valuable investment you will have ever made in your entire life -other than an important work of art :-)