Tuesday, September 1, 2009

it's all going backwards now!

Look at all this stuff that Seth Godin has written to explain how people are taught by marketing what to want:

Who gets to decide what you want?

but I think that everyone has got it all wrong - we - each and every one of us - when we come out of the womb know exactly what we are going to become - what we are going to do and what exactly we need to do it - so now the truth is that all the folks who are struggling to find a way to market their wares to all the good people who have been born -to those who are being born and and to those who will be born need not struggle any long - need not waste one cent more to try and accomplish the impossible and need just to sit back and relax and enjoy themselves - because if any of them - any single one of them - have any product at all that you or I may need along the way to accomplish what it is that we are going to do in life - baby - we will find them and it and that is the new magic bean - just stay in business - whoever you are and you will be found - they will find you - don't worry - be happy! :-) or should I say be happy - don't worry! :-)

Magic Beans for the New Media - an Answer to Seth Godin's Prayers!

Seth Godin has stated on his latest blog post that new media is not perfect and it will not be until we find the magic beans - so therefore I say to you - I have the magic beans - and that then takes care of that! :-)

wait - you say to me - those arent't beans - those are apples -

are you kidding me - who said that these are apples?

did the seeds come with a label or was the tree first came out of the ground with a label upon it's stem or brances or did the fruit come marked out of the sky with the word apple on it? no - so I say these are not only beans but magic beans - and there you have it or them - magic beans to make this new media perfect - go tell Seth Godin - so he will know a thing or two or a few magic beans!

I have them -