Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thoughts on money - the economy and deficit spending in relation to the New Rules for the New Economy-12-3-2011FABCDEFG

I think that until or unless there are enough dollars printed in the United States to represent every single bit of value in every single object and service and exists today there will remain a very off balance system that leaves some without the ability to even function properly -

there are many ways of operation that may have made this country great up until this point in time - but now there are many many changes that are causing things to shift and simply require a totally new and different perspective in order for any progress to be made at all -

neither the dollar nor art should be of any lesser value because there is more printed on the one hand - the dollars and on the other hand the art in the world - there is now always going to be more value by more people being able to benefit from a stronger and more available dollar as well as many many more people able to benefit from being able to view any one particular image that is created -

when things are offered for free in today's world it is because the person giving this or that away for free wants in great ernest to capture your attention - that is a very valuable thing for that person to gain which then makes it possible for that person to then present different offerings to you that are to be charged for which could never be presented to you otherwise simply because there are so many other offers in the world today all being able to be delivered to you via the vast and immense systems we call social networks today such as Facebook where I am writing these ideas down and which is allowing many of my friends to view and perhaps grasp these ideas - do you remember at all what your life was like - how many people that you were able to communicate with in one day - before Facebook was created - do you remember the limits of your ability to communicate with others in different parts of the world before the Internet?

There are these profound changes that have been made because of these new tools and although the basic - what we can do with these tools are things that humans have been doing for many years - like communicating and presenting of ideas as well as conducting commerce - the extent to which we can now conduct such activity with almost anyone else anywhere else in the world is become greater and greater by the moment - and with this increase of people that we are able connect and communicate with - exchange ideas with and perhaps do business with -each and every individual's life is changing that much more profoundly -

I believe there is so much more behind increasing a national debt than meets the eye and that there can be so much more profound positive results created by continuing on in the direction of printing money than can be understood by the old rules of economy -and in order to understand these dynamics it might just be helpful to have a meaningful discussion on order to see things from a different or differing perspectives - who has the time - the inclination - the interest and the intelligence to have such a discussion? I search everywhere and there does not seem to be anyone with which to have such a discussion -

Since the U.S. went off the gold standard and there is no longer any tie between gold or silver backing each and every dollar that is printed - there is no reason or excuse for limiting the dollars that are printed and in circulation - and simply because there is this limited edition of the U.S. dollar there will always be many many many people who are being underpaid and unable to earn a substantial amount for the living needs -

just as hoarding gold under a rock or dollars under a mattress - hoarding art in a vault or in an underground cave serves no purpose to anyone - instead there must be more people who are able to access and see - benefit and be inspired by more art than ever before and the Internet with it's corresponding tools allow this to happen - beginning to change the entire makeup of our whole society - think carefully just how your life has been effected by being able to view so many more images without leaving the comfort and convenience of your home - the value of such changes has not even begun to be realized!

although the Internet has brought about the providing of many things for free - it is a fact that the old free and the new free are very very different and that the internal perceptions for each individual of things that are free in today's world must change and adjust to better understand the real value if those things that are free today!

and together with these profound changes - the tools at hand whether they be cameras - computers or Facebook are improving and increasing in their capacities as well - and with it changing the entire nature of human thinking!

and along with these changes in human thinking occurring - the understand that we do not live in one Universe but that there are many many Universes each within which an individual human being lives in and that these humans are being in these many Universes each and every one of them different than the next despite the close proximity within which each one of them may or may not be to each other:

along the same line of thinking that I was writing about this morning - Social Security need never be stopped or increases stopped because there will always remain the ability of the U.S. government to print more money so that those who are supposed to receive such money will -

the fortune you are to make can be made right where you are now!

If we believe the basic premise that matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed - there is definitely no death - instead there is always constant transformation -

12-3-2011FABCDEFG by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-3-2011FABCDEFG by Walter Paul Bebirian