Friday, April 30, 2010

"Today April 30, 2010 is the Very Last Day"

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

thoughts -

whether you believe you can do a thing or not - you are right!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Art of Doing Anything!

from my perspective - the best way for me to create an image or to do anything with the skill of art is to relax into it - to remind myself of this I think of tennis - when the ball is coming towards you it is moving in the opposite direction than where you are going to hit it when you return it to the other player on the other side of the net - if you can place yourself in a position and wait till the ball begins to drop - almost the way it drops when you are serving - then there is not so much force in the wrong direction and you can send the ball to where you want it to go with more force -

in the same manner - when I am patient with myself with a brush - a pencil - a mouse - a word until I have it in a position where it is in the most advantageous position for me to make my next move - then I will consider that the secret to making an art of anything -

In this sense there is the studied planning of when and how to carry out any effort - such that the action itself comes with great ease -

Monday, February 8, 2010

why would anyone only want to make a little money with their art?

I could see wanting people to see and enjoying your work in the old days when phones were rented from Ma Bell and stuff - but when people pay $200.00 to $500.00 for a cel phone - and $30.00 to $60.00 and more for the monthly service on those phones - a new car can cost say $25,000 to $35,000 and everyone who can get to a computer can see your images for free - so who says that everyone should have all of these goodies and not the artist who works at perfecting his or her art for most of his or her life?

So what gives - you don't think that you deserve some amount better than a few dollars for your work - because you don't think that your art is worth it - your are not worth is - do you feel like a fraud - you would rather be poor for the rest of your life - or you only want to sell to those people who are hungry and poor - because they more than anyone else will "appreciate" your art while no one else in the entire world will -

how much do you pay for the internet service you use - your computer - your camera or paints and canvas - brushes - travel time - food clothing shelter - you know the basics to do anything at all - ?

people have called me whacky - crazy out of my mind - all of that stuff - but I think that I am the only one perhaps maybe a few others - who are dealing with the realities of the world at least that I am living in -

and forget about the materials and all of the basics - how about the fact that I have been photographing for 52 years now -

and I am not asking for any critiques of my work - if you don't like my work - don't buy any - or even better yet - don't look at it -

but for the person who likes my work - think about the fact that for most of my life - I had to drag myself to Manhattan - pay a fee and spend time to look at the Museums that many people of the world come to - spend about a half hour and then wait in line to buy a sweat shirt from A&B - sounds ridiculous - but that is what the majority of people go for - a sweat shirt - a pair of sneakers for Nike Town and a lot of walking around getting tired -

even the museums are receiving less viewers to their spaces - galleries say they are not selling work - and well why should anyone pay for something they can get for free - like TV for all of the years that it had been free - but now you pay the cable bill - get all the shows and a few extra dollars and you have all the art that you want on your screen - get a few people to purchase your prints - and your an artist - yes - but make something significant that will be of any value down the line - well - get enough people to pay for such piece or pieces and you will see a self reinforcing spiral or cycle or whatever it might be labeled by then - you will definitely see people jumping on the band wagon buying up all sorts of stuff with your images - because just as on Fifth Avenue when I am handing out my cards:

Fifth Avenue Traffic

when one person does something - others begin to do it - and then a whole bunch of people follow them -

it takes a great deal of persistence - perseverance and energy - conviction and vision to succeed - and I am not saying that everyone should do the same as I - each and every person is different and has their own vision and ideas of how things should and should not work - but that is what makes this world so fantastically interesting -

so back to my question -

why would anyone only want to make a little money with their art?

does anyone go into their job every day whether they studied for the job or not and say - well I only want to make a little money or pay me what you will - I will do your books - your accounting - your sales - your typing - your sewing - your sweeping - cleaning the toilets - teaching - doctoring - nursing - any of these things - for a little bit of money - ?

I say - change your thinking - change your mind set - put all that you have into your art - *(if you really love doing it) and treat that work that you have created as valuable or even more valuable than anything anyone else does for their living - since if you are creating art seriously then like Renoir - Van Gogh - Gorky - Picasso -DeKooning - Pollock - or any one of thousands of artists - your work will be influencing people for many years to come -

this of course is my take on the matter -

ALICE PIRES 2-B by Walter Paul Bebirian
ALICE PIRES 2-B by Walter Paul Bebirian

Sunday, February 7, 2010

what can the sight of a forest do?

8-26-2009X by Walter Paul Bebirian
8-26-2009X by Walter Paul Bebirian

an image such as this can set of so many different thought patterns - that it can be used to stimulate new ideas continuously on a constant basis for years and years -

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some of my current thoughts in retaliation to constant criticism of my prices and creative style!

the only justification that anyone needs in order to place a particular price on a piece of art work is whether or not they feel comfortable with what that price is - whether it will sell or not is irrelevant just as whether a line or color or particular subject is discernible or not (referring to wether a piece of art is abstract or not) -it is my contention that it is not the artist's responsibility to place anything in or out of his painting to please anyone but himself and in the same manner there is absolutely no responsibility to make a price that will be satisfactory to anyone but him or herself - also slight color variations - slight changes in shapes and forms or whatever a person who is creating an images and who chooses to express what it is that he is feeling and experiencing is also up to that person and need not be subject to attempted belittlement over and over and over again in such a thread as this -

also - just prior to the existence of what is referred to as a POD - photographers - whether beginning or master such as Richard Avedon - had the option of having their negatives and slides on file at professional labs from which they would be able to order prints whenever they had need for one - none of those prints being considered anything but an original photograhic print - In the same vain - uploading an original digital file here on Imagekind is exactly the same as having a negative or slide on file at a custom lab - and the prints therein - whether they be of photographs or digital images - are then original prints as well - POD is merely a marketing tactic to make the concept of holding files on site of a printing facility (in this case Imagekind) which takes the place with today's technology - of the custom lab while the addition of a web site where the images may be made visible to the entire world population is another plus to the marketing possibilities of such displayed images which at the same time making these images of more value because of the wider audience they are afforded with such a site -

as far as limited editions are concerned - the imperative to limit an edition originated from the process of working with block and screens which was a totally different process where the printing element would become worn after so many prints were made and thus the need to limit an edition - and it this becoming more rare because of this limitation - there is no need or justification unless it is the artist's wish desire and vision for his or her own plan and his or her own understand of what he or her wants to accomplish - while if a person wishes not to limit editions of originals that are created - they have every right and obligation to do that with their own art with their own perception as suits them best. - at the same time - while a print may come from a limited edition - this may imply does not necessarily guarantee that there is only one edition of such a number of prints and it may or may not effect the value of such a print as well -

unlike the rest of the activities in this world - art and its creation in any endeavor need not be a group think phenomenon and while it may be because of such forums such as currently have formed on the internet where thoughts and ideas are shared with others from around the world and from so many different environments and cultures where people seem to be having the same goals and ideas - that in itself may constitute a sometimes unhealthy tendency to follow the crowd -

Friday, January 29, 2010

This is SoKule for business

perhaps this will change your view of the possible speed of business!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

this too shall pass -

whatever situation - feeling - experience - condition - environment that you find yourself in at this moment - all of these exact combinations will definitely change over time and some new combinations will appear in your experiences - so know that wherever you are now - whatever you are feeling or experiencing - no matter what - good or bad - this too shall pass:

12-16-2009EABCDEFGHIJKLM by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-16-2009EABCDEFGHIJKLM by Walter Paul Bebirian