Thursday, February 16, 2012

Money - How to have enough of what you want!!!

When I created the image entitled:



The Bebirian Art Collection

I placed everything I had - all feelings - emotions - energy as well as thoughts and ideas and it took many months working day and night to place all of these elements into this one drawing -

Unlike the currency of any of the countries of the world - the image of money in:

The Bebirian Art Collection

is not created nor controlled by any of the governments of the world and is by itself a single image that may be utilized in any country and by people utilizing any language throughout the entire world -

Any individual wishing to utilize the great power of this work of art may simply purchase a print or canvas or even simply view (for free) this image in the galleries at:

and as long as you are able to view this image you will know that you will always have money - since it will eventually become so obvious to you that as long as you can see it - you will always have it and there for you will always have enough money!

MONEY by Walter Paul Bebirian
MONEY by Walter Paul Bebirian