Sunday, August 12, 2012


Everything - and I mean everything points towards many of the jobs that people have held for years being removed from the landscape of Capitalism and these jobs being replaced by mechanical or computerized means - and this is something that has been on the horizon for many years - but in what direction are those who have been removed from such jobs to go? It is a fact that the human being is being freed up from having to do such work in order for many of the services that our society needs to function to be taken off of these humans' backs in order for them utilize their lives in more productive as well as fulfilling lives - but can these humans realize that it is no longer the responsibility of anyone other than themselves to create exactly what they will be doing and in which direction they will be going from this point on? Can those who have been trained or shaped for so many years to function at such well machined and rote jobs pick themselves up and find meaning in their lives for themselves in what pursuits they choose for themselves in endeavors that suite their own hearts and minds as opposed to what they have been given to do by their bosses for so many years? This my friends may be the biggest challenges that such individuals may have to face ever and these challenges are just arriving - are well all ready for these challenges and opportunities that lie before us? First it is most important to see that this is what is happening and second - it is most important after seeing clearly in which direction any individual wishes to take themselves - for them to take action in such directions so that their self created dreams become realized - and not stifled by inaction and refusal to take the chances to make those dreams their realities - 12-18-2011CABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-18-2011CABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ by Walter Paul Bebirian


Action - so we have entered the information age - touched on the idea age and now the thing that is needed is action - action - action nothing happens with just information or just ideas - the use of information as well as ideas shows up in action - to of course achieve aims - goals - results - we are headed for some big changes with the right actions - only if the correct knowledge - the right ideas and the action to put the knowledge to use and focused on certain goals based on the ideas that have been chosen will we achieve the desired results - nothing else matters other than the correct combinations - formula and concentration in order to get the desired results 7-26-2012DABCDEF by Walter Paul Bebirian
7-26-2012DABCDEF by Walter Paul Bebirian

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Current Exhibits Showing in Manhattan Starting 9/15/2011

Current Exhibits showing in Manhattan: 105 W.58th St (6th & 7th Ave) Trump building: Central Park South 1 Central Park West Trump International Hotel: Near Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center 422 W. 15th St (9th & 10th Ave) Meatpacking district 55 E. 87th St (Park & Madison) Residential building near: Guggenheim Museum, MET museum, Central Park 40 E. 89th (Park & Madison) River Terrace residential building near: Guggenheim, MET, Cooper Hewitt Museum, Neue Gallery 165 E. 77th St (3rd & Lex) Stand-alone 5 story garage: walking distance to Museum(s) (Mile), shopping, dining 200 E. 69th St Serving as the parking facility to Trump Palace condominiums and 32 other locations throughout Manhattan - new additional locations: 31 W. 52nd St. (CBS) (5th & 6th Ave) 1250 Broadway (W. 31st St) 101 W. 56th (Carnegie) (6th & 7th Ave) 38 W. 46th St. (5th & 6th Ave) 29 W. 28th St. (5th & 6th Ave) 150 W. 38th St. (6th & 7th Ave) 252 W. 40th St. (Garment) (7th & 8th Ave) 888 8th Ave. (Simon) (W. 52nd & 53rd St.) 23-25 W. 55th St. (Gotham) (5th & 6th Ave) 154 E. 53rd St. (Vanger) (3rd & Park Ave) 75 Park Place (Murray & Barclay St. Off Greenwich St) 270 Greenwich (Off Warren Street) 200 Chambers St. (Greenwich & West Street) 18-20 Morton St. (off 7th Ave South) 127 E. 46th St. (Lexinton Ave) 213-215 E. 43rd St. (2nd & 3rd Ave) 147 W. 83rd St. (Columbus & Amsterdam) 157 W. 83rd St. (Columbus & Amsterdam) 204 E. 80th St. (2nd & 3rd Ave) 115 E. 87th St. (Lexington & Park Ave) 405 E. 60th S t. (St. Charles) (York & 1st Ave) 21 E. 15th St. (Broadway & 5th Ave)

Saturday, August 4, 2012


THE MOST POWERFUL IDEA ON THE PLANET The greatest changes that you will most probably experience over your lifetime are changes within - in your thinking - in your perception and in your ideas as to what things are really worth and what is really worthwhile to work towards - Take for example many of the Titans of the Industrial Era - John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John Jacob Astor and Henry Ford just to name the most well known - they spent most or all of their earlier years figuring out how to work their way up to earning a great deal of money utilizing the techniques and systems that put large numbers of men to work for them either refining and distributing oil, producing and selling steel, ship building and transportation by sea as well as by land (railroads), fur capturing and trading and later real estate ownership in Manhattan, and mass producing cars - and while they all filled some perceived need at the time that they were able to build up their wealth - each one of them - either during their lifetimes or afterwards were focused on distributing that very same wealth that they had spent all of this time and energy building and accumulating and growing throughout a large part of their lives, for some perceived good of mankind - I on the other hand find it might be a futile endeavor to attempt to try and build some type of fortune from what I have to offer and then later on go ahead and attempt to make some grand gesture of a philanthropic nature - but instead have and continue to look towards influencing people through my art all along - do you think that I will be struck with a philanthropic need near the end of my life because I have so much cash piled up and I think that there will be too much left to some relative somewhere like Andre Carnegie described in his essay WEALTH? instead of lecturing others on how or what to do with their wealth - how to build it up - how much to have and where and how to distribute it once it has piled up - I instead am sharing it with anyone and everyone who is interested in utilizing what it is I have to offer and that they can find a way to utilize during their lifetimes and without them having to go through a foundation or some other organization that might have to be set up to distribute this wealth - it is here for everyone to take for the viewing - in THE ULTIMATE SOURCE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY and while Bill Gates looks for energy without giving anything to people to work with BILL GATES ON ENERGY - INNOVATING TO ZERO - I give you everything and encourage you to do your best with it: The Ultimate Source of Renewable Energy 2-5-2012BABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian
2-5-2012BABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian

Friday, August 3, 2012


If I think about this seriously - how to get everyone to see my art - it seems in a way - an almost insurmountable problem if I attempt to reach everyone with efforts on my part - On the other hand - if I take an opposing position and without expending any energy whatsoever besides self control and self discipline - allow people to seek my work out - out of curiosity or interest on their part because I have instead done the opposite and not gone out seeking to bring my art to everyone but instead allowed them to seek my work out themselves - this gives me time and energy to create more work myself (and thus more for the viewer to see) and it gives the viewer the ability to be exposed and to see my work exactly at the point and time when and if they are ready to view my work - 4-1-2012A by Walter Paul Bebirian
4-1-2012A by Walter Paul Bebirian