Monday, June 8, 2009

So all of a sudden - and this has happened before - I feel overwhelmed with all of these directions to go in and having to choose each and every day what to do today out of all these choices - or what to do with money and investments -whether to buy - sell or hold out of so many choices and positions - that the real bottom line is that I would love to just let everything go and not have to think about anything - non of it - which images to work on - which stocks to buy or sell or hold - not even to be concerned if I go to Manhattan which streets will I be handing my cards out on - and so I have decided that I will dispense with all of this thinking and just move through the day perhaps focusing on or thinking about some other project not yet conceived of - kind of like one stream of light in all of the deep darkness that I have been moving through -

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  1. Go with the flow Walter, if you feel like gardening today, garden. If you feel like sleeping today, sleep. If you feel like a picnic today, have a picnic. You will find inspiration in anything you do. It is part of being creative. Let it flow naturally when it is ready.