Monday, April 20, 2009

my thoughts on the question of

How do you know what is a good price for your work?

there are always a few things to consider when creating a price for any product - in this case your art - which is an item - until you give it away - that you have a monopoly on -

then there is the question as to whether you are selling an original or a copy  -

if you are selling a copy of a painting but have altered that copy sufficiently in any number of ways then that falls into the area of being an original as is any photograph or digital image that you create and only sell prints of - there is no other original category for either of these two category no matter what anyone says unless of course you are selling digital "C" prints or one of the other types of photographic prints that can be made - all of which will be original as well -

then consider that in this digital online world that in what is referred to as the print on demand arena (in this case the Imagekind system) is not only allowing the customer to purchase an original of a print but also gives the customer who is buying this original the right to partake in the creation of the print that is being made and so therefore you as an artist and owner of a monopoly item are giving away a lot - and that is worth a great deal of money as well as allowing a very precious item to be produced -

of course all of these points may take a while for people to realize and to actually come to grips with as far as how they treat their creations - but eventually the value of both selling as well as presenting your work in this manner will be better understood as time goes on and the professional artist really examines what is going on here in the digital online world -

In addition, unless arrangements are made to have such images as are in the galleries here at Imagekind to remain up and maintained by such an entity as an estate - then the unique images that the collectors and investors are being given the right to make prints of here are very definitely limited by nature of them not being able to be created after you are no longer maintaining your gallery or galleries here and so that is another factor to take into consideration -

finally the elements of time effort and energy that you have both placed into learning and perfecting your art as well as the time and efforts you have made placing your files of your images up here in your galleries together with any marketing  - pr and social networking that you have or will have done in order to let individuals know that both your art even exists as well as the fact that these unique images are available for individuals to interact with and create prints in such a manner as I have described above with - all might be elements for any sane artist - business person - or simply a person who values the items that they have spent so much time creating - should and must take into consideration in order to make his or her efforts worthwhile in such an endeavor as this is and will be over the long run of time -

How much should you charge - only you can answer that based on your understanding and just how much you grasp the whole picture that I have described above - and that means that for each and every single individual the above elements will vary and thus the answer to the question and other questions previously put forth on this topic will vary as well -

all the best to you in all that you do!

oh -- and one more thing - the responsibility of determining your price or prices based on the above information and perspectives and any other elements that you may come up with to add to the mix as well - leaves the sole responsibility of coming up with your price - ----------------up to you - no matter what anyone else says - or tells you or claims is right or wrong in this area of your art !!!

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