Saturday, May 2, 2009

where have my thoughts gone -

despite wanting to at least add thoughts to this blog once in a while - I find that instead I become much more lost in my thoughts than I had ever imagined that I really do and can only post here sporadically when the mood hits - since my main focus s not in the direction of expressing thoughts through words but through images and so if I simply posted images here then this would be like many of my other blogs - but that was not my intention is starting this particular blog - since I know so many people are interested in words that might have something to do with my thoughts as opposed to simply seeming my images because they might not really get any of my thoughts that way (by simply looking at my images) but I guarantee that if you hand on only my words you will most probably get far less of my thoughts than if you do just look at my images - but I promise I will try to throw some words here once in a while - nevertheless:

so there - and if you have any questions -let me know - till next time - Walter

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