Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Magic Beans for the New Media - an Answer to Seth Godin's Prayers!

Seth Godin has stated on his latest blog post that new media is not perfect and it will not be until we find the magic beans - so therefore I say to you - I have the magic beans - and that then takes care of that! :-)

wait - you say to me - those arent't beans - those are apples -

are you kidding me - who said that these are apples?

did the seeds come with a label or was the tree first came out of the ground with a label upon it's stem or brances or did the fruit come marked out of the sky with the word apple on it? no - so I say these are not only beans but magic beans - and there you have it or them - magic beans to make this new media perfect - go tell Seth Godin - so he will know a thing or two or a few magic beans!

I have them -

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