Tuesday, November 8, 2011

asking me a question - 11-5-2010Y

sometimes - no ----maybe often - my answer to a question such as an inquiry as to how I enjoyed a dinner out or how was my day - really evokes an answer so far beyond just good or great or even delicious but something of a smorgasbord of a detailed description that I can actually site the time when a particular dish that I am eating was first tasted by me - and how many times a week I went back for such a meal to the same exact restaurant some 43 years ago - and perhaps some of the other times since - that I have had such experiences food wise - because of this I tend not to say anything because I am not always sure that the person asking for an answer is patient enough to listen to such detail -

11-5-2010Y by Walter Paul Bebirian
11-5-2010Y by Walter Paul Bebirian

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