Saturday, August 4, 2012


THE MOST POWERFUL IDEA ON THE PLANET The greatest changes that you will most probably experience over your lifetime are changes within - in your thinking - in your perception and in your ideas as to what things are really worth and what is really worthwhile to work towards - Take for example many of the Titans of the Industrial Era - John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John Jacob Astor and Henry Ford just to name the most well known - they spent most or all of their earlier years figuring out how to work their way up to earning a great deal of money utilizing the techniques and systems that put large numbers of men to work for them either refining and distributing oil, producing and selling steel, ship building and transportation by sea as well as by land (railroads), fur capturing and trading and later real estate ownership in Manhattan, and mass producing cars - and while they all filled some perceived need at the time that they were able to build up their wealth - each one of them - either during their lifetimes or afterwards were focused on distributing that very same wealth that they had spent all of this time and energy building and accumulating and growing throughout a large part of their lives, for some perceived good of mankind - I on the other hand find it might be a futile endeavor to attempt to try and build some type of fortune from what I have to offer and then later on go ahead and attempt to make some grand gesture of a philanthropic nature - but instead have and continue to look towards influencing people through my art all along - do you think that I will be struck with a philanthropic need near the end of my life because I have so much cash piled up and I think that there will be too much left to some relative somewhere like Andre Carnegie described in his essay WEALTH? instead of lecturing others on how or what to do with their wealth - how to build it up - how much to have and where and how to distribute it once it has piled up - I instead am sharing it with anyone and everyone who is interested in utilizing what it is I have to offer and that they can find a way to utilize during their lifetimes and without them having to go through a foundation or some other organization that might have to be set up to distribute this wealth - it is here for everyone to take for the viewing - in THE ULTIMATE SOURCE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY and while Bill Gates looks for energy without giving anything to people to work with BILL GATES ON ENERGY - INNOVATING TO ZERO - I give you everything and encourage you to do your best with it: The Ultimate Source of Renewable Energy 2-5-2012BABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian
2-5-2012BABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian

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