Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Marketing Program So Far

while the Facebook and other social media platforms are extremely helpful in getting the word out to many of the people who are on the Internet and who do use the tools there as well as twitter - there is one overall strategy that I started off line way back on 1976 and which became a full time focus for me with my marketing in 1992 and that is my "Doubling Project" which is basically giving out my business cards to many people throughout New York City or wherever in the world I happen to be - here is a link to the official description of this project: The way that I see it is that years ago farmers (they were the main business people at one time in this country and I suppose the world) would spend all year or most of the year growing their crops and as these crops ripened and were able to be harvested the farmers would bring their harvested crops to the farmer's market where the consumers or general public could go to purchase things that they needed that were produced by the farmers - as people produced other products that people needed like soaps and pots and pans and candles and other goods - the markets expanded and well then you had the general stores to buy things in - now wherever I go and hand a person one of my business cards - I am creating a market in the sense that I am presenting the goods and services that I am offering to them which they can either access when they return to their homes and offices or even access and in today's world right their wherever I have met them on the smart phone - for example - originally my business card had this picture on it for my photography business: and their was no internet for me and my business back then in 1992 - but I did have an address and phone number on the back of the business card - people called when they needed a photographer and since I gave out over 1.5 million of those cards there are still people calling from that card that many of them have kept and it reminds them that I am in business and how to reach me - a later development of that card had the website address on it to remind me of the "Doubling Project" and what was my responsibility in carrying it out: The next card which I still use and which is a little different since I wanted to emphasize that I had art on the Internet for people to see - enjoy - become inspired by and motivated by as well as for people to purchase and that I still a offering photography services - the picture on this card looks like this: well without the flashing illuminated order that is for the website to encourage people to click on that image and se the art at: next in addition to continuously adding new images to my art galleries just about every day I began to also add different business opportunities on a page of my main website: that I had signed up for to help market my business on the Internet - all the while continuing on with my "Doubling Project" and these opportunities are basically different websites that both are social media marketing sites or mailing sites that a person can start out for free with and earn some money at the same time as marketing their own business and then they can upgrade if the see the value in increasing their investment in these sites to help them further market their business to other people - After that I wanted to improve further so I created a Facebook fan page for my art and I am continually learning how to market with the tools and ideas that I am learning from other people: and in addition I have created what I call my Marketing Tools page on the main web site where I add different affiliate sites that might be of help to some people in marketing their business as well as community Facebook Fan Pages where different people can join and perhaps both learn as well as share information that they have about the different topics of these fan pages as well as meet new people who they might not otherwise meet within their own circle of friends: well I guess this is about enough as anyone might want to be introduced to at this point in time although there are many other projects that I have begun and am working on at this point in time I would suggest that each of the different ways of marketing that a person works at that they do it a little at a time and perhaps focus on one or two main avenues at a time until you get the basics down and feel confident enough to take on another one or two different projects over timoh before I forget you may - if you were to meet me somewhere - also get a business card that looks like this: that is directing you to this site: which is my project for the future! 8-19-2012ABCDEFGHIJ by Walter Paul Bebirian
8-19-2012ABCDEFGHIJ by Walter Paul Bebirian

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