Saturday, December 22, 2012

What is Marketing?

In response to an article that I read in Forbes: "What is Marketing?" I wrote this: What I would like to do in order to answer your question in your article properly – “What is Marketing” and this answer applies to each and every individual on the planet – is to look at the root of the word Marketing – Market – or to Market – Now back in 1976 – when I took my very first trip on a bus to a faraway country called Pennsylvania – specifically to Amish Country better referred to an area in Pennsylvania called Lancaster which actually encompasses a lot – I somehow arrived without knowing where I was going to stay or anything about this unusual area – I was introduced to a farmer’s market – I had never seen or heard of such a thing in New York City (the farmer’s markets held at different locations in the streets of Manhattan did not exist back then) but when I think back to that experience and then compare it with a grocery store – there are similarities but differences as well – yes there was food in both and perhaps even some of the same foods – but at the farmer’s market there were many different booths manned by the different farmers’ staff members who brought their fruits – vegetables and meat products to this market and sold them to customers who came to this market to buy what was provided by the different staff members of the farms at each different booth – but at the grocery store (and this is pretty much the same) what was being sold all came from different companies selling their different processed foods and the vegetables and fruits came from the warehouses of the grocery store chain – each carrying food from many different farmers – What I am getting at – today markets exists wherever individuals live breathe – work – socialize – who did I hit a nerve? yes socialize – that means at your parties on your social networks – wherever you bring your smart phone and on your way to anywhere – and so look to at least let people know about whatever I have to sell or provide a client with wherever they are – and thus I developed my “Doubling Project”: "Doubling Project" So did I answer the question – “What is Marketing?” – Well to me it is seeing that there is a market or a way to set up a booth wherever individuals are or wherever I will come in contact with them – and at that point where I come across them – wherever that is – I introduce them to the products and services that I have to offer them – just like the staff of the different farmers at the different booths at the farmer’s market back in Lancaster, Pennsylvania – at with that introduction I provide them with the information and means to purchase the services and products that I have to offer as well - 12-9-2012B by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-9-2012B by Walter Paul Bebirian

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