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Thoughts of Thinking and trends of the future! - 12-30-2011EABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTU

I have been thinking about what different people could want and then I decided to think about those things that I could possibly want - so far I have come up with the idea that what I would really like to have is at least most if not all of the knowledge and wisdom of the world or at least to know it - I say that because having it and knowing it might be two different things - what is perhaps is an astounding thing is that most if not all of the knowledge and wisdom of the world is here in some form or other on the Internet - whether written down on a web site or simply in the minds and thoughts and hearts of the friends that I have here or perhaps within their friends - but in some way most if not all of the knowledge and wisdom of the world is within reach of all of us - but the next question for me - is this knowledge and wisdom being utilized by us - to the extent that it is making a profound difference in our lives ?-

perhaps or perhaps not depending if and when we are actually searching for - making use of and even perhaps sharing this knowledge and wisdom and exchanging feedback as to how or when or why or any combination of these uses of such knowledge and wisdom to the best advantage -

I am wondering if there are many people who are viewing the whole picture as to how things are really changing in terms of what is accessible to us - and what it could mean even if it does not mean that yet -

are we as humans - ready for such grand increases in improvements in our lives and are we prepared ourselves with what we are to do with ourselves once we have made such improvements -

do we understand how to live at such elevated levels as well as how to enjoy ourselves - make good use of our time as well as perhaps earning money at these elevated states of being -

it is - I believe - one of the abilities of the age we are in - to have many of the wrote tasks that men have performed in the past - be done my machines and computers - therefore placing a new type of burden upon us to do something other than these types of work tasks that so many people were challenged with in the past - something more in the line of THINKING - are we ready to start up our brains - power them up and begin working in these directions on new and totally different types of tasks - the thinking kind?

perhaps we can begin by thinking about what I have written here -

12-30-2011EABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTU by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-30-2011EABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTU by Walter Paul Bebirian

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