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WHY INVEST IN ART? - 12-13-2011C

Why Invest in Art?
While on the Facebook fan page of Jay Abraham - A Leading Marketing Authority - I saw a post that Jay made:
Jay Abraham
Whenever you make an offer, ask for a sale, run an ad, have a salesperson make a proposition to a customer or prospect, or offer a product or service for sale at a specific price, always tell the reason WHY.
next came this helpful post from one of my fellow fans that got me thinking as to how to answer some of the WHY’s that Jay was speaking of:

7 Figure Speaking Empire | Successful Speaker Training
and Coaching Walter - Without looking at your art, we could suggest your WHY to be, because I know it will look great in your home, because my art can bring any room together, because my imagery evokes a subtle calming sensation, because my art is unique; there is no other art like this, because I had a vision of the person who would want this piece, and it was you. Hopefully you can work with some of those. Answer your why question with because. We believe that you can come up with plenty of WHYs because you are a creative individual. Where is your art at? Anything online?
and then came my answer -
well it could be any one of those things - yes - but it is for the individual to decide which if any it is after they view the art - I think - because it is such a personal subjective issue - where the art sells itself *(I think) - the entire collection is only available online here:

The Bebirian Art Collection

Why Invest in Art?
oh - here is a thought - Why even look at my Art - Well people are always looking to invest in worthwhile entities - and whatever would be considered a "good" investment and J.P.Getty - who was the richest man in the world at the time that he wrote his book "How to Be Rich" wrote that Art is the Best Investment and followed through with that thought so much so that he established the Getty Museum in California - : The Getty - well that is the reason you should at least take the first step and begin viewing my art -

Why Invest in Art?

a little more in depth on Getty’s thoughts on art:

Getty humbly saw himself as a patron of the arts on a scale at least equalling the Medicis of Renaissance Florence, and is amusing when discussing the lack of cultural knowledge of the average American. He called art 'the finest investment' not just because it more than held its own financially, but because of the pleasure of living with beautiful things. In return for enriching the world, the wealth creator had a duty to support those who lived for their art. Yet he also saw business itself in creative terms, noting that those at the top are 'creative artists' instead of simply 'artisans of business.'
On collecting itself, the author dissolves the myth that it is a rarefied pastime for the rich, mentioning several acquaintances in regular jobs who had built up excellent collections. Anyone with enough money can pay top dollar at Sotheby's, but the true collector is a scholar who appreciates the background of each piece she buys. As Getty rather poetically puts it: "To me, they are vital embodiments of their creators. They mirror the hopes and frustrations of those who created them - and the times and places in which they were created." What could be more fascinating or enriching?
the next step to reinforce that is that once you are there in my galleries you might as well spend a little more time finding some or at least one image that inspires you - an image which may be used to motivate you and/or an image or a few images that may - by looking at them - give you energy (something loads of people need in this world - you might also find an image that either speeds you up or slows you down - if you need pacing in either of those directions - please note that you are welcome to view these images and can do all of this for free without spending a penny 24 hours - 365 days per year for the rest of your life -
finally - if you find such an image or images that you are able to get inspiration from then it makes perfect sense to invest in prints or canvases of those images to be in your environment to be able to inspire motivate - give you energy in that environment so that you find yourself becoming reinforced by these continually -
Why Invest in Art?
Now I spend almost all of my time creating art exactly because of Getty's statement that art is the best investment since why would I want to place my thoughts - ideas and energy into anything else if this is the best investment - now I have over 110,000 images which can be ordered in 8 different paper types or canvas and in different sizes which can be made into an infinite number of collections and businesses for other people anywhere in the world -
and in addition the site that my art is on runs site wide special discounts from time to time - one special discount is running now -
Dear friends after reading the above and the recommendations that I use for the WHY’s people should buy my art - I have really have only one WHY and that is - BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT!!!!!!

12-13-2011C by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-13-2011C by Walter Paul Bebirian


  1. Thanks Walter,
    I enjoyed the heads up! and inspiring train of thought. The only thing that amazed me, that I could not digest; was 110,000 choice pieces. This is more than I can imagine, 50 is about most that I could conceive of as spending enough time on, in one session. Examining and considering; and possibly considering for one of my own.

    A PERSONAL touch of distinction; that either tells a story or presents a rare or new perspective in short sequences or capsules; like poetry is easier for me to get my head around. One concept at a time, perhaps infused with a metaphor or simile, or just some specific type of gait.

    Your work is gorgeous, and your thoughts sublime. I will need to revisit this presentation again. Thanks again for your generosity.

    1. Thank you for your comment Sandralee - I believe that you will enjoy expanding your mind your thinking, your ideas and concepts and rather get a much greater feel for what I am encouraging you to do by jumping into the experience as opposed to allowing the ideas and thoughts about what I am saying prevent you because it SOUNDS so overwhelming - I believe that this challenge is something that will really benefit you - something that will really make a difference in how you experience life in general -

      Very often, when I am in Manhattan handing out my business card to the thousands of people individually walking by me on one corner or another in a few hours on one single day - I notice the patterns and actions of so many people that are either working in the area that I am in or the actions of people who have spent altogether millions of dollars to visit this greatest of cities and it amazes me - so many of them come with guide books in hand following the recommendations of the few people who have written these - and are actually afraid of deviating from these limited number of things to do - for example visit the A&F store - to buy a sweat shirt - visit Nike to buy a pair of sneakers - and visit MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art) for between 1/2 hour to 2 hours to see a few pieces of art and to buy a souvenir to take home - can you imagine waiting all or most of your life to make your perhaps one or two visits to as diversified a city as New York - so restricted in experience - and not leave any time or experience for any deviation from this rigid almost mechanical movement and maybe running past and even ignoring what you are being shown on the way - I see it every day - instead let me encourage you and others who may be reading this - to please allow yourself to be taken on a really exquisite journey through a forest - a jungle or a city of experiences all by venturing - to view - at your own pace what you can actually scan through in a day or two and go back to if you have a desire to review something that strikes you during your first run through the small number of images that I placed in my galleries so far - all from the comfort of your own home - without spending a penny to do so and remember that I am continuously adding new images so that your experience of doing just what I mentioned here will never be the same - just like visiting Manhattan or pretty much anywhere in our ever changing world is constantly and wonderfully enveloping with time - :-)

      In truth - I have prepared another 3 or 4 lifetimes of images that are waiting in my computers to be created into series and then uploaded to my galleries and the only reason that there are so few of these up already is that making the series as well as the uploading to the galleries do - take up so much of the time to complete this process - and during my continuation of this presentation it is necessary from time to time to take a break and do some other things - like hand out my cards - take some more photographs - create some more images and well just enjoy life together with my wife Antonia - :-)

  2. let's see - here is a taste of what I see so often on a nice spring day - when the trees and flowers are blooming with all of their splendor -

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