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Without Distractions - 8-20-2011GABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTU

I think that not only is the removal of distractions important but there is also the question of in what direction or let's just say the objective of the direction that a person will be heading in when the distractions are removed is of great importance as well - It might just be that many - most or even perhaps all people allow themselves to be distracted simply because they feel the need to "socialize" and so there is this tendency to listen to - look for and to get involved with what it is that other people - one - a few - a larger group - any one and every one is doing.

The freedom not to have to work in any particular "job" as has been the fate of so many people for so many generations of human kind is actually a most fantastic opportunity - but this opportunity is different than the "opportunity" to have a job and work with others on any particular task such as one would find they had on a job assignment -

Instead the human being is now free in many cases to be removed from the need to have to be distracted by any or all other humans and to instead pursue a line of pure thought in just about any direction or line of thinking that is chosen and by doing this a greater distance or amount of thought can be levied in the one direction that is chosen - apart from a few meditative Gurus - this type of opportunity has not been afforded many people on this planet in a long time - and it will be interesting to see the ideas - thoughts and products that will arise if and when such thinking does occur -

Perhaps this earlier writing of mine on this topic might be of interest to you:

The Art of Time and Money
Which although seems to allude all forms of inspection is really most probably the cause of any distress in the worlds of yesterday - today or tomorrow.
First of all, let me thank you for spending your time to at least begin, if not continue reading this piece, since it is, whether you realize it or not, allowing me to convey to you an important part of my thinking. And besides the value of your time, which I acknowledge you are giving me at this very moment, I would also hope to acknowledge that this translates to money, whether in yesterday’s, today’s, or tomorrows, value of the idea referred to as money, and as such that your investment of your time in reading these words will bring you some profit, which for you specifically reading this will translate into a greater profit (idea or otherwise), and therefore make your investment a worthwhile one.
Next, let me add an important concept into the arena of ideas, and say that the idea or ideas that one is working with (be it money or any other idea) change(s) constantly with thought - whether it is thought about the idea specifically, thought about the relationship of the idea to things, thought about the idea to other ideas or, just pure thought on any number of factors which make up the idea in it’s totality. This being the case, an infinite amount of thought (constantly changing and infinitely generated by ones mind) can be looked at in reference to any one of the above mentioned items without exhausting the ability for a single person, let alone a combination of two or more person’s working on the same subject together, to increase the thought on the subject infinitely.
Why should we stop? Where should we stop? What should we stop for? What constitutes a need or reason to stop? And, in
reality, when we appear to stop, do we in fact actually stop, or is there a continuation in the subconscious in the same direction with the thought, despite our conscious effort to chose a point where the thought direction and progress has stopped?
When looked at from this perspective, thought on any subject, in any direcion does not have to nor does it likely ever stop in any one direction when we consciously think it does, and therefore the thought does not have to hinder or prevent or interfere with our productivity in the physical world (in the case of the Industrial World) or the knowledge based or idea world (in the Information World), but merely continues throughout as we develop more and more and evolve into our next World - the Thought World, where constant thought changes as well as physical changes are constantly noticed as part of the scenery in the everyday landscape, and lend themselves to a better undertanding as to what exactly is going on in our environments.
How does this translate into an Art of Time and Money? Simply add a greater amount of thought to any Time and/or Money transactions and the infinite dimension of the thought direction is added to enhance and transform each one of these transaction into infinite understandings.
Greater profit than this no man can ask for at the present moment!

8-20-2011GABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTU by Walter Paul Bebirian
8-20-2011GABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTU by Walter Paul Bebirian

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