Monday, July 16, 2012


THE GREATEST IDEA THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN All throughout the history of mankind - ideas have been entering the minds of men and women and they have, with the help of their subconscious minds, been directed, along every step of the way, and been given the information needed to know how to move towards and to know exactly how to achieve the materialization of these ideas, which are, in reality, given to him or her, through this subconscious mind as well. If, for any reason, there is any doubt in the reader's mind about the means and wherewithal for such transference of these ideas towards the mind of men and women from the subconscious as well as the use of the subconscious to direct men and women towards materializing the ideas which he or she has been given - it is not my place here to either explain this phenomenon any further or to convince the reader of this - but instead to direct your reading towards the multitude of materials that have been written over the ages about this subject and which can be easily obtained through so many channels - On the contrary, I am writing this particular article to merely place with the written word a most simple but profound idea within the minds of the readers of this article - just one of these ideas that has been given to me personally, and that idea which I will call "THE GREATEST IDEA THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN" is that an entirely new world - a world where men and women live with each and every other man, woman and child peacefully and in total harmony, can and does exist and this world, which I have been given the idea to create and which I have begun creating and which does already exist is what I call: Volord Kingdom and now that I have placed this idea in you the reader's mind, there will be the opportunity for you to, on a continuous basis during the rest of your life, to both see signs of the creation, the existence and emergence of Volord Kingdom until there will be, as far as you are able to sense, absolutely none of the qualities of the old world, the world where things that you have previously disliked about the world do not exist any longer, as well as the ability for you to partake in the creation of this new world as well. For myself, there may be lots more or not much more that will be required of me to see this idea into total fruition, but now that this "THE GREATEST IDEA THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN" has been revealed to you - the reader of this article - it is now partially left up to you and all of the millions of people who will be reading this article over the years to partake in being directed by your subconscious minds towards accomplishing this goal both here and throughout the entire Universe. thank you! Walter Paul Bebirian 2-7-2012BABCDEFGHIJKLMN by Walter Paul Bebirian
2-7-2012BABCDEFGHIJKLMN by Walter Paul Bebirian

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