Friday, July 27, 2012


perhaps this whole money thing is simply who can control who in what way - listen - the government - whoever or whatever that is prints or created money and then we use it to buy this service or product or a company pays us to do this job or that job and the government always takes something along the way - so a dollar that the Uncle Sam created and put into this system that was somehow created becomes 66 or whatever cents when I earn it and then it becomes less when someone else earns it and there is never enough and there definitely has never been enough dollars ever printed to represent all of the wealth that exists in this country never mind the world and then everyone fights over this thing or that and well there simply are always more things and services than there are dollars in the world until imaginary dollars are created on Wall Street and then Uncle Sam gets nervous and wants to reign in some of that money so that Wall Street does not get out of control - or even the big companies don't get out of control - because how can we have a government when things get out of control - right? ------------------------and so when people - no matter whether they are rich - middle of the road or poor get scarred that things are in a crises mode - well then all things go crazy and people stop spending or they spend too much or maybe even they are not sure which way to go - and well the political class that wants to stay or get or whatever they want power for just mix up the whole thing even more to confuse and complicate matters even worse - In the loooooong run my friends - whether one side or the other or some man from outer space shows up - none of what is happening today will really ever matter - somehow - one way or the other eventually all of this will disappear and things will be extremely different than anything that we could possibly imagine today - and if you don't believe that - just stick around and watch ! :-) and just imagine - there was a point in the country and across continents in Europe where there were many different currencies that people dealt with - how were things managed back then? 6-23-2012BABCDEFGHIJ by Walter Paul Bebirian
6-23-2012BABCDEFGHIJ by Walter Paul Bebirian

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