Friday, July 27, 2012


the only difficulty that has ever led to any financial crises in the minds of the people in this world is a inability to perceive a whole picture as to the value of all things that exist in the world today - I don't believe it matters what the spending of the government is - if for example - I have a house that was valued at $18,000. 50 years ago and has gone up in value to $700,000. today - and perhaps my deficit or what I owed against that house was $10.000 when I purchased it and I maintained a relatively tight budget over the years but due to my deficit spending I owe $50,000 today - well as a percentage of what the house is worth - what I owe is a much smaller percentage than what I owed 50 years ago - what is really something that needs to be evaluated and pointed out to every single citizen is what exactly are all of the assets of the entire United State worth - not only what the government is worth or the corporations or the individuals - but every single item - from antiques to agriculture to the intellectual capital of each and every human brain in this country so that deficits can be presented in comparison to the total worth of the country - in my example above - if the person who purchased the house 50 years ago did not know the current value of their home is $700,000 and that the antiques inside their home or the earning power of the individuals living in that home and so many other factors that go into calculating the true asset value of the owner of that house then there is certainly only misunderstanding about what their home is worth as compared to the debt that they have and the percentage of this debt compared to this value and the percentage of the debt that they had 50 years ago as compared the value of what they had back then - 6-14-2011A by Walter Paul Bebirian
6-14-2011A by Walter Paul Bebirian

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