Monday, July 16, 2012


Dreams With the coming of the age of the Internet along with the computer, the digital camera and various software for transforming pure energy into infinite images there have been many of my dreams and beyond that have been fulfilled - There has been my becoming The Richest Man in the World Ever because of the fact that not only can I offer my Fine Art For Sale - Highest Quality Fine-Art Prints to people all over the world, but every person in the world who has access to a computer to view my art can do so 24 hours 365 days per year and they can do this completely free of charge, and also, because I have been able to create so many images of varying color combinations and varying subjects and shapes and styles there has been the creation of The Ultimate Source of Renewable Energy because of the enormous size of The Bebirian Art Collection - and because of the great number of people viewing my images every day - there is a chance that new ideas, inspirations and motivations will be stimulated by all of these people viewing these images. And now an even greater dream is possible to realize for me and that is that EXCEPT IN NEW YORK as well as in a few other limited number of locations there is a chance through the affiliate program described in the article EXCEPT IN NEW YORK, for just about anyone who wants to to earn some money by introducing my art to their friends, family and others whom they may come in contact with when a purchase of either a print or a canvas is made! Also, through many other wonderful affiliate programs I have been able to offer many people through Business Opportunities both ways to promote their businesses and websites and to earn some extra income by presenting some of these programs to their friends and other people with whom they may come in contact with over the course of time and also I have been able to create quite a number of Marketing Tools utilizing the Facebook fan page feature for a number of general topics. Both of these groups of opportunities can be found on my main website for Volord Kingdom and I certainly hope that as many people will take a look at these Business Opportunities as well as the Markeing Tools and make good use of them for themselves. There are, of course many other dreams that will be coming to me over the moments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years and perhaps lifetimes ahead of me but I would like to express thanks to the entire Universe and Everyone and Everything in it for allowing me to see so many of my dreams fulfilled till this point in time in my life!!! thank you Everyone and Everything and may you all have the ability and good fortune to see all of your dreams till this point in time and beyond - fulfilled as well and I hope more than anything in the World that there might be a chance that in some small way either through my images in The Bebirian Art Collection, the Business Opportunities, the Marketing Toolls or perhaps even through the other Products or through anything else that I may be able to offer you in the future that I have helped you to achieve your dreams as well! thank you! Walter 1-31-2012DABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ by Walter Paul Bebirian
1-31-2012DABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ by Walter Paul Bebirian

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