Sunday, January 20, 2013

Creativity in Social Media Marketing Efforts

well - like any tools - the different social media outlets can be utilized in many different ways - creative and otherwise - for me it seems that over time I might place a post somewhere - say in a thread such as this one (remember that this LinkedIn system is a social media network as well) and then if I were to step back from my comment on this post enough and it has sufficient information and detail to be interesting I might then go ahead and place it in one of my blogs and then add that blog post to various threads or comments in threads on other blogs of those of other people or in groups or fan pages throughout Facebook or LinkedIn - the whole thing becomes - for me at least - sort of like creating images in my galleries - with the entire social media world becoming places to both create as well as exhibit the thought processes that I have been developing - I might also add some of these blog posts to some of the generalized Facebook pages that I have created for different topics which are considered Community Pages by Facebook which can be found here: so I would suppose being creative can be spread not only into different areas of my life but into the various areas of social media tools that are being provided for use all of the time - and since that is happening - it might not make any sense to limit my description here because as soon as I might do that - I will most probably go ahead and do something in another corner of the entire Universe - :-) here is an example of such a blog post that was originally a comment on a thread somewhere (I do not recall exactly where at this point in time) but it is now a big focus on my thinking as to how to let people in my direct area (New York City) know that my work exists and just how to both find it as well as make purchase of prints and canvases of this work: but I also conscious of this concept which I want to take into consideration when marketing my art as opposed to creating it: it is extremely easy to go on and on and on creating and forget about the fact that the marketing - and sales along with the entire business side of things is fundamentally different than the creating side - at least as far as I see it - and yes - when I mentioned this somewhere the other day in an email to a strictly business person a return comment was made afterwards that many business look to create new and innovative things and are constantly changing what their messages are - but only in a relative sense to simply sending out one message over and over and over and over again until the customer's make their purchases - such a business as this person has and is running successfully may come up with additional or complimentary tools and systems every couple of months or over a few years where if I were to wait that long to create something new it would drive me crazy not to be expressing myself - and yet there are developments that I have been working on over years so there are fluctuations that I see in both worlds that can actually complement each other over time - and so after thinking and writing about all of this - the whole process - over time - is becoming more and more fun to become more and more involved in!!!! 1-13-2013FABCDEF by Walter Paul Bebirian
1-13-2013FABCDEF by Walter Paul Bebirian

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