Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Bottom Line

I live in New York City - where we have about 20 million people living - aside from the 47 million people who visit here every year - so that totals around 67 million people who I might be able to sell some art to - first if I can let them know that I exist - that I have art for sale and that the art is at a low enough price that they each and every one of them can afford (unless they are still hurting from the last storm Sandy) to buy something - now how can I let them know that I exist - let them know how to see my art and then let them know that this art is affordable to well at least most of them - and then interest them in actually making a purchase of one if not more of these images on prints papers or canvases - Now to throw in there something beyond whether they are liking what they see when they go to my online galleries is totally useless and a waste of time and I am willing to bet that most of the people living here - are not of the upper echelons of society recently referred to as the 1% and even if they are in that class or category - the main issue - unless they are willing and looking to spend thousands or millions or even billions of dollars on a well known artist such as Picasso to hang him on their own personal wall: 4-30-2010F by Walter Paul Bebirian
4-30-2010F by Walter Paul Bebirian
is whether they like what they see or are moved by the image and want to live with it on their wall because it moves them - inspires them motivates them or just plain is a beautiful thing to have in their environment or is something that they would like to brag about to their friends that they own - So basically what I am saying real simply is that no matter by what means you accomplish evoking such emotion or attachment or inspiration - motivation - movement - or if they are so interested in rage that is fine as well - that is the means by which you must satisfy your clients and keep them satisfied one image at a time since once they have begun collecting your work - hopefully it is a lifetime endeavor from that point on - add some oil - take it a away - turn to blue - remove the blue - throw a video screen into the middle of an oil - watercolor or glicee even - it all falls under the category of art - and that is what we are creating and selling - one way or the other -

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