Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thoughts To Myself About Marketing and Selling of Art As An Artist vs Business Person!

perhaps the gallery or galleries in your area that you have hung the images that you have painted for yourself are not of interest to the handful or people or the small percentage of the population that exist in your area and that means that there may be many many people who have not yet seen those images that you did for yourself but who would if they did see them - love to buy them - it is even additionally possible that the folks who would love to make such a purchase have not been born yet - I believe that was part of Van Gogh's problem - where many of the people who would come to appreciate his work and manner of expression as well as his subjects in his paintings had not yet come to be born (that is if they were born already and had simply not seen his work hanging in some of the galleries where his work was displayed) and so to take this even further - there are perhaps outside of your immediate area where the galleries that you hang your art in draw viewers from what some 7 billion people less the population of your immediate area - and how exactly will you get those individuals perhaps 6.999 billion people to even see your work let alone have an opportunity to even think of making a purchase of one of these - here are some of my thoughts the other day about just this very same topic: The Bottom Line The one thing that I am most sure of is that there is a fundamental difference between the business person's mind and the mind of an artist - and that is that the artist is continuously looking for new and more interesting subjects to focus on while the business person will take one product and advertise and promote it until that product is sold and he or she makes a profit from it and then that customer begins to purchase even more of the business person's other products or even more of the same product - 5-29-2012LABCDEF by Walter Paul Bebirian
5-29-2012LABCDEF by Walter Paul Bebirian


  1. Hi Walter - I think that everyone has the possibility of some artistic expression. Some are nurtured - others not. Some are confident in pursuing their art - some are not. Others practice their gift is surprising ways... my dad, for instance, is - in his own way - an artist, I think.

    So for me, it seems like more of a mindset of self-fulfillment vs. fear and deciding to stick to the safe and narrow. Yes, the artist is always searching and growing - an expansive point of view. But I think the business person, more often than not, is just an artist that has been somehow blocked from a true calling.

    1. Hi Peter -

      Now that I know that this post was made by you I can reply based on my own personal perception of the dad that is referred to here -

      From a certain perspective I might say that yes your father is an artist in the sense that he has accomplished a great deal in our society in the specific task that he and Charlie have set out to accomplish and now he is performing as a teacher which is another type of artist in educating people in the area of his expertise where the students are extremely interested to learn - I think that this is a rate educator student relationship form some of the videos that I have seen -

      But also, I believe that in a certain way there might be a great deal more that he could do if he were so motivated in pursuing even more growth and investment in even more companies way beyond where he and Charlie have gone so far - perhaps by expanding his parameters and engaging in new techniques -

      To do this, I use the example of myself and both photography as well as the art images that I create - for over 43 years I worked in two parallel worlds - camera and film and painting and drawing with the conventional tools - now the digital world has allowed me to merge my two previously separate world in a way that I never before imagined would be possible to create images that I had never before dreamt of creating - it is definitely mind expanding and from my perspective a most infinite world ahead of me as I perceive it now - both because of the difference in the medium (pure energy) and the possible audience (those other 7 billions people eventually when they all have Internet access) - and point out that to do such a shift was and still is a great challenge since after - what did I say -43 years of working with camera and film and paints and pencils and paper and canvas - I took a totally different medium and spent thousands of hours day and night and am still spending a great deal of time learning how to use these new tools and accomplish things way beyond anything that was possible during those first 43 years - and I certainly hope to continue on (after 12 years working in this new world) to continue of Infinitely if possible -

      The same is or will be possible if and when either your dad or others like him see the possibilities of analyzing and understanding new and more companies that they may be introduced to by utilizing the new tools at hand and the newer ones being created every day -

      Just think - that I would still be only working with film and processing if it were not for photoshop and digital cameras and the digital energy available in my computers and thus the entire universe of pure energy would then not be available to me yet -

      Although your dad might not agree - since he has often mentioned that he does not have a computer and seems to be proud of his accomplishments to date without the use of one (which I understand completely - since I used to do a great deal of research studying different companies in the local public library where I live) perhaps by not opening himself up to utilizing the new tools he is limiting the possibilities and therefore what he and Charlie are able to create -

      just a thought - :-)