Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not All Things Are What They Appear To Be Or What You Think They Are!

Over the years while handing out my business cards to people on the streets of Manhattan or wherever else I happen to be and prepared to carry out my "Doubling Project" I have learned many interesting a father amazing things - One thing, which I would like to address today in this particular post is that many people assume things that are not true and when they stop and take the time to discover exactly what they truth is they are very often pleasantly surprised and thankful that they did - As the example that I am thinking of evolves into an expressible group of words to place here in this post I can say that my experience is that there are many people who have rejected my attempts over the years to give them my business card and especially the one that I am currently handing out which is mainly to introduce them to my art at The Bebirian Art Collection ---well more recently since there are a much greater amount of rejections there in the streets perhaps because there are so many people not only focused on talking on their cel phones which did not exist years ago when I started my "Doubling Project" to the extent that they are used today but in addition the added distraction of people texting, looking at maps on their phones to see where it is that they are going or generally searching for various information on this smart phones. Well in order to be able to interest at least some of the people who actually say no or no thank you to me - of which there are a great number - I began asking questions instead of letting them just slip by. Since I do remember somewhere in my mind that a no or rejection is simply an opportunity for a salesperson to answer questions and address any objections that a person might have - By asking the specific questions - why not or do you know what it is - I have since had quite a few successful conversations with people who have then taken my card - but the point that I would like to make here is that many people assume that since I am standing on a corner handing out my card that what I am handling out is something that they do not want - such as an ad for a clothing store or a food shop or a nail salon - or better yet - just about anything that they don't want - but when they are asked by me a few questions and then we do have a conversation during the few moments that they are there waiting for a red light to change so that they are abel to cross the street from where they are - and they discover that I am presenting them with a card that gives they access to at this point in time over 160,000 of my art images they are most often delighted and extremely thankful that both I did give them the card and now that they actually took it - So it is my point here that I would like to make that many people in our advanced society today may not only be missing out on getting my card with instructions as to how to access the world or art that I am presenting to them but who knows how many other great things that they may be similarly missing out as well - simply because they are assuming that what they are being presented is of a different nature than it actually is - .1-26-2010CABC by Walter Paul Bebirian
1-26-2010CABC by Walter Paul Bebirian

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