Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thoughts in response to "Spare Change"

"Spare Change" originally posted by Peter Buffet: "Spare Change" elicited this response from me: Well Peter Buffett if I were going to discuss this post that you have made here I would have quite a few questions to ask you - but the main one first that has come to mind - what if you remove the tendency to go for stability and resist or even fight change - would we not then have constant change and with that constant change would not stability and the fighting of change would then be a change so we would send ourselves into a constant struggle between the two states mentioned above - constant change on one hand and stability and fighting of change on the other - so then once we had this constant struggle where could be then go for change? calm and peace on one side or the other of this struggle - but if we have gotten to constant change we would have to get up again and then go for one side or the other of what we have just settled peacefully into - so it appears from one perspective or the other that the change which is being encouraged or hinted at may or may not be comfortable for a great many people despite whether it may or may not be looking advantageous from an outsider's perspective to embracing it or not - and so I would say that that is why there is much resistance to change - but also from the moment any wall is built it may look like from one side or another that it's creation was unnecessary and that things were better off without the wall being placed there in the first place - what is interesting is that after writing all of the above here I recall seeing somewhere that the main quality of capitalism is change and if this is the case perhaps one take on the whole need for change is that we have to allow the capitalist system that is in place to continue on with it's changing which then brings about the changes that the individuals in society experience - Of course how and why and wherefore this particular thinking goes from here - well - that might indicate that you and I and a whole number of individuals might have a great deal to talk about and to look at and even learn - but most importantly - there is no definite set answer - since in reality the world that we will be looking at has changed since a few moments ago when I began writing this post and will most certainly have changed by the time you and anyone else here on Facebook or on a blog post where I might choose to place this entire answer will have changed by the time any significant number of people may have read these very same words - . 12-9-2012ABCD by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-9-2012ABCD by Walter Paul Bebirian

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