Sunday, January 13, 2013

What Do Bebirian - Gorky - Picasso -Van Gogh - Da Vinci - Rembrandt - Money - Manet - De Kooning - Warhol - Hearst All Have in Common?

Art - Ideas and a Great Passion to share these with people from all over the world - only today - unlike any of these other artists that have come before me - I am coming and closer to understanding just how I may be able to let the most individuals living in our world at the present time actually know about and see my art - and of course with your help if you so choose to share with them - I will be able to within a relatively very short period of time do exactly what I have set out to do and have been working on doing for most of my life - 12-21-2012E by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-21-2012E by Walter Paul Bebirian

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