Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Turning Point in My Life and Career!

This is the main Money Series which is derived from a drawing utilizing colored pencil and ink on Japanese Rice Board - listen to the Interview with Laura Hollick where I talk about the motivation and ideas stemming from my creation of the main image and then go ahead and enjoy the individual images in the series - it is in the original drawing and thus that I placed all of my energies for months - day at night at a frantic pace - never sure during that period of time whether or not I would ever draw - photograph or do anything with art at all after that point in time: The Money Series Since creating the main image in this series and then making the individual pieces in the series - these have been the main motivation thereafter until this point in time to continue on in my work as an artist - I look on this piece daily for the motivation - drive and inspiration that then sends me off in so many different infinite directions every single day - . . . . . MONEY by Walter Paul Bebirian
MONEY by Walter Paul Bebirian

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