Wednesday, February 6, 2013

About My Dreams!

Everything I have ever done in my life has been a dream and always new dreams have been coming to me as new technologies and systems are growing to actually allow me or help me achieve even bigger dreams - When I started taking pictured with my very first Brownie Camera over 55 years ago I never imagined at that point in time that anyone else in the world would get to see any of my images - they were for me and I was elated with the results that I had gotten - Eighteen years later - when I was one of the ads that I created for a client was published in Vogue Magazine - I was elated - ecstatic and overjoyed but in the back of my mind the second that that happened I knew that there was more and the new dreams began rolling in fast - at that very same time I had my very first art show in a gallery in Soho with a series of "Street Musicians" and an interesting thrust to go in both directions of Commercial as well as Artistic work really took an interesting direction of thought within me - I decided at that point in time that working as a Commercial Photography would bring in some money while sitting and waiting in a gallery for folks to come in the door and purchase my art was something that I definitely could wait for until I was 90 years old - but then technology came along and reshaped everything and instead of film and camera - which I considered my original capital for my business I now work with pure energy - the dreams from this point on are endless and continue to come at me every single moment of every day for I am now in what I refer to as: Infinite Generation Everyone - let me know if I can help you in any way with any of your dreams or simply make use of my proposal and concepts as I present new ones to you all every single day: The Most Powerful Idea On The Planet . 8-22-2012BABCDEFGHIJ by Walter Paul Bebirian
8-22-2012BABCDEFGHIJ by Walter Paul Bebirian

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