Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is the Idea that We Call Money Causing All of the Stress in People's Lives?

well I have been thinking - have the farmers been causing the cows that they milk stress by doing the milking so early in the morning - and then why do they do the milking so early in the morning - is it because they might have been - all of these years - up most of the night worrying about money if the have enough of it to pay their bills? and why are so many of the people in the New York City always rushing around - while talking on their cel phones - talking and rushing and going on and on about millions and billions of dollars - in such a stressful way - or texting frantically - is it because they have the stock market on their mind and whether or not they are losing or gaining money- are they worried when the money they have goes up or increases in value - that they will lose it later on or that the value of the denomination it is in (dollars) will go down in or decrease in value? or are they worried when the value of the money they have goes down or decreases in values that they will not be able to gain enough for later on in their lives? does any of this frantic unnatural behavior make any sense when it is driving humans to do things in a stressed manner? sure - when the industrial age and man's being was tied to the machine it seemed as if it was only natural that he be pushed - cajoled - poked and prided like a cow to get up early in the morning (at the crack of dawn) and get the most out of utilizing the abilities of the machines that he was working with and thus get the most money out of the production from their existence that they could for the owners of the factories and industrial complexes that they working in? but have we begun to see that there are more valuable things in the lives of humans than money? health - intellectual pursuit - a general overall feeling of contentedness? are these not as important or perhaps even more important than the grab for money that consumes so many people's lives??? Is the farmer and his cows - chickens - pigs and even corn and other foods that he and his colleagues are growing - are they all adversely effected by the idea that is called money in such a way that there is no human endeavor during any day of the week or any week in a month or any month in the year that is not filled with stress and even anxiety (in some cases) about money and its attainment for existence in our society? …………………….. ……………………….. 12-5-2012OABCDEFGHIJKL by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-5-2012OABCDEFGHIJKL by Walter Paul Bebirian

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