Monday, February 4, 2013

Captain Kirk and Our Trip Today in a Time Capsule!

Well heading back from Manhattan today to Forest Hills I met with Captain Kirk (well I called him that in order to be able to remember my new friend's name) and we took a brief trip together in this time capsule (which in some people's reality was merely a subway ride but for the conversation we had simply calling this trip a subway ride just wouldn't do)and explored the reality of the great possibilities of what he could explore from here now that he had both the skills and work experience as an accountant - It made sense to point out to Kirk - as it often does to people who have learned to work with numbers either as book keepers or accountants that the richest fellow in this country so far (John D. Rockefeller) actually started out as a bookkeeper went on to create a commodities business and then went on to create the Standard Oil Company - which eventually was broken up into smaller pieces making up many of today's major integrated oil companies that have since grown into large giants themselves - Standard Oil Trust My point was and still is if my friend Kirk actually explores through my website maze - discovers this blog that I told him about (since I do have so many) and finds this particular post meant specifically for him to read - that there are an infinite number of possibilities for him to become involved in something great despite the fact that there are many accountants and bookkeepers and they all may not go on to doing something great or creating something great - but the potential - with a little vision - is definitely there! Of course I was expounding on what I saw as a great need today to not only focus on narrowly targeting a market of people who have specific needs and wants but also expanding the market to the ever growing larger mass audience that used to be the domain of the three major broadcasting companies here in the US - but since these networks seem to be deminishing in size and importance due to the changing business landscape as well as the Internet itself - I think that a much larger and perhaps all encompassing mass network of broadcasting ability to get the message out to just about everyone in the world all with one felt swoop is really what is needed at this point in time - well at least by me so that I can let everyone in the world know about my art and the over 160,000 that are showing in the galleries of The Bebirian Art Collection at the present time - . 12-30-2012G by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-30-2012G by Walter Paul Bebirian
. P.S. have a safe trip back to Texas Kirk - I hope to hear from you once you land back there safely! :-)


  1. Beautiful! I love this sort of art. :)

    1. thank you Cyndi Calhoun - I hope you are able to come back and visit what you saw an liked here or that you so choose to visit my site:

      and see some of the new art that I am still creating every single day - :-)