Saturday, February 16, 2013

Is this Word of Mouth?

well - it has been said that the most powerful tool that you can ever use is word of mouth - basically other people talking about you and your efforts and sharing about your service and products with their friends and colleagues - and when I hear that I think - gee - I cannot make anyone do anything - so how would I ever have a word of mouth business created? what could I possibly do - but something wonderful - a miracle has happened over the years *(I have been in business since 1976) - when a customer comes to me to either have themselves photographed or to have one of their products photographed I spend as much time with them as is needed for them to get exactly the image that they are looking for and that will best suite them for their needs - it does not matter to me in the least as to how long is necessary or how many tries or alternatives or changes that they wish to see - just as long as they are happy with what they leave with - and all at the same very low price that I quoted them - and sometimes it is their wish to give me something extra for the time and the great results - but what I find many of the people who have come here is that they are extremely appreciative of the fact that I did not rush them at all - but gave them as much time as they needed to work together with me to get the results that they wanted to achieve and better - this appreciation of the time that I am willing to give each and every person that comes to me has caused an entire network of different people from all walks and professions of life but specifically concentrated in the real estate industry where the sales person is extremely conscious of the importance of their appearance and how it influences a clients perception of them and the client's willingness to work together with them - to grow continuously throughout the New York Metropolitan Area - what is even more amazing now is that these same individuals have also begun to take an interest in my collection of art images which they may be able to utilize in their own businesses to better develop a relationship with their clients - and so the fascinating adventure of business continues for me - each and every moment of every single day!!! ……………………………………………………………………………………… 11-17-2012PABCDEF by Walter Paul Bebirian
11-17-2012PABCDEF by Walter Paul Bebirian

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