Sunday, February 10, 2013

Do I Have a Brand or Not?

I am not sure how to answer this question - on one hand it seems like a great idea to jump on the band wagon of the latest trend in creating a brand and utilizing that to market my art - and on the other hand when I hear the word brand - I think of Coca Cola - Sony - McDonald's - White Castle - and each one of these brands have only a handful of products that they market all over the world to everyone - can I do that as an artist? Perhaps yes - with a handful of images -creating many many copies of these handful of images - focusing on them alone and looking to present them to as many people in the world as possible to eat the up or drink up their essence or purchase them - whatever the goal is to motivate them towards - but unlike these major brands that I mention - I have so far 160,000 images in my galleries all of various styles and genres and types - and from the creating side of things there is no way that I want to either limit or focus on any one of the types or styles that I already have worked on simply because my creative side is focused not on reproducing what I already have or copying or doing anything similar but on creating new and interesting images based on my feelings and either working out something totally brand spanking new or creating from the images and techniques that I already have in my collection and coming up with something new - so as I have said elsewhere at another time when musing on the differences between artists and business people (who yes I understand can be considered as artists in their own fields as well) the main difference that I sense - perceive and experience between artists and business people is that artists are always going on to something new where basically the business people are selling their main stable of products to the entire world - can I as an artist do that? yes - which means that yes I can conducts business as well as live and work as an artists - but the lines are still very very vague in my mind as to where the transformations occur in one direction or the other - will I or do I have a brand - yes - to a certain degree I did that by naming the entire body of work that I have been placing in my online galleries as The Bebirian Art Collection -but since I am still on a frantic paced path to create more and more work - any efforts that I have begun towards marketing any of this work are at the extreme beginning stages - and may remain at that level for quite some time until I force myself to work on that area to a greater extent or until I find someone that will work with me on that in a way that suites me - . . 12-3-2012C by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-3-2012C by Walter Paul Bebirian

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