Monday, February 25, 2013

Traffic - Websites - Conventional Stores and Different Ideas!

Every since the beginning of Individuals and Businesses building websites on the World Wide Web or Internet *(I am not exactly sure if these two are one in the same but that may be irrelevant at this moment for this thought) there have been a great number of other people and businesses have been focused on and attempting to cash in on getting the Individuals and Businesses first mentioned to secure - increase and focus on getting traffic (read hits or viewers or whatever else one wishes to refer visitors to any website) but it is my feeling that the traffic to any website obtain with whatever trickery or attraction that a website owner may utilize or anyone hired by a website owner may use is definitely not as important as how relevant the website is to potential customer's or client's or visitor's interests or what they are desiring to find at any moment in time - Since everyone or most everyone who owns or runs or has a website representing the offerings that they have for their business whether it is a tiny one person company or a giant conglomerate representing the efforts of thousands or hundreds of thousands of individual employees working for the company or conglomerate - is irrelevant - what is important to the viewer of visitor of any website is that the customer or client finds and is able to purchase with great ease what it is that they desire to find - Now, for a brief moment I would like to shift my thoughts to the extremely high trafficked location in New York City's Manhattan - Fifth Avenue where any number of different stores can be found with differing price ranges and differing number of visitors each and every day - and what I notice is that to the stores with a high price on their products and who are serving a very specific clientele who are looking for a specific exclusive style of clothing or jewelry or other items of that nature - there is not reason for them to want to gain as much traffic as any of the stores that are selling the much lower priced item - and in fact their sales methods and the attention that they give to catering to the needs of each and every person that walks in their doors would not be possible if they had the great masses of people who are lined up outside some of the stores that have items selling at a much lower prices range - So, it makes sense (to me at least at this point in time), whoever you are and whatever you have to offer the buying public - that you carefully determine the price range of your products along with the quality and service that you wish to offer each person visiting your website and then proceed to service these people and then look to draw others to your site with the recommendation from the people you have served sharing their thoughts and ideas about your products and services with others - ………………………………………………….. 8-13-2012D by Walter Paul Bebirian
8-13-2012D by Walter Paul Bebirian

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