Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How do I choose what to write on a Blog Post?

I find that as far as a blog is concerned it is becoming more and more interesting every day to take comments that I might make on other people's blogs or on chat's like one I was on last night and turn them into blog posts - if the comments I make are meaningful to me and have enough substance then right there is the greatest subject for a blog post - Here is what I wrote prior to a chat with Peter Buffet and his friends before the chat began - somehow the chat becomes much too confusing for me because there is much talk about where he is going and where he has been with his concerts which I have not yet seen - but I did listen to his music posted on his Ning site- where the chats take place one Tuesday a month and this was the influence not for creating the images but for the images that I decided to place up in the chat as I rambled on about my thoughts until everyone else showed up to the chat - at which point in time - I again - as usual had nothing to say at all - A Conversation with Myself! . 5-13-2009B by Walter Paul Bebirian
5-13-2009B by Walter Paul Bebirian

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