Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some Thoughts on Tools

A Message to Pete Olsen - here is a tool that I created - : Watch Out for Peter Olsen now how can we make more use of this tool - when I was first introduced to photoshop - I saw this amazing potential but I had not yet learned how to use all the tools that they made available to me - and then they keep on upgrading and more and more tools are being added with every upgrading - what is really unbelievable is that there is no way that I will ever catch up with all of the new developments because there is so much for me to be working with as I discover only a few of the tools at a time at my own speed - here is my first experience playing with photoshop: Infinite Generation you have no idea the thoughts that went through my mind as I created these different colored cloud images and then I began combining different tools and doing more - since that day there has not been one day of my life which has not been filled with total amazement from new ideas and images coming from working with this tool - photoshop now back to the tool that I created above for you - what new and amazing things are you able to utilize this to do what amazing and unbelievable things with? I certainly would like to understand some of your thinking better - how is the house renovation and flipping going? did you ever think of this - I have imagined many times that someone will get the idea to take a piece of my art that they really love and build an entire room or house around that one image - can you picture such a room - I mean if the image that is chosen really inspires and motivates a person this would create a very powerful environment for them to work in - I have been thinking about the silver - is there a way to present the offers or at least some of them in jewelry stores? one friend's sister has a jewelry store here and so I am thinking it might be interesting trying to sign him up and see if he can present the program in the jewelry store - that - if it worked and is viable - will open up a great number of jewelry store around the world to your program - and to aid in the presentation to individuals from each one of these stores - well - I guess I will stop there and give you time to think about what I have written so far - . 9-27-2008B by Walter Paul Bebirian
9-27-2008B by Walter Paul Bebirian

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