Thursday, February 7, 2013

How Many Ways are there to View My Art in The Bebirian Art Collection?

here are just a few of my images that I have posted on a blog which some of you might find much easier to explore instead of tacking the entire Bebirian Art Collection all at once - Many people have mentioned to me - before they have even begun viewing any of my images in The Bebirian Art Collection - that over 160,000 images sounds like a daunting number to think about looking at - well no one person and perhaps not even myself need take on such a task all at once - nope just begin somewhere - in the middle in the end or even in the beginning if you have to - and then things may just begin to fall into place for you- The thing is that many later works have been added in the beginning or earlier galleries due to technical changes that have transpired and earlier works have shown up in some of the later galleries since that just happens to be the way that I work - so in order to even begin to try and understand what you are looking at at any point in the process is just not to be done - especially since I am continuing every moment of waking time that I have to both add new images as we all as earlier images that I have created years ago but that were too fresh in my mind and not quite ready for their next steps in my thinking to add them to the Collection way back when so I set them aside to give myself time to think about where I was going with them from where I was - Well I guess I hope to some extent you get the picture so instead of having a reason or excuse or just not be able to go beyond the normal and unintelligent thinking process I have made it easy for everyone - no matter who you are to simply just dive in anywhere - or if you have to go one image at a time - that is OK - but just begin somewhere - take your first breathe - let it out and then go on to the next one - and if you want to hear some stories - well after I see that at least some of the over 13,500 people here have at least begun to view some of the images in the collection - perhaps then - just maybe I might begin to let you in on some stories - or I just might start everyone off with just one in the beginning - middle or end! :-) Bebirian Art Blog . 12-25-2011ABCDEFGH by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-25-2011ABCDEFGH by Walter Paul Bebirian

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