Sunday, February 17, 2013

About Networking Especially Networking on Social Media Sites

Look at it this way - so many people say to me that they don't like Facebook - are not interested or have not got into it yet - but where else can you just go and find out what is the latest happenings with any of friends without interrupting them - or if you do want to send them a message - do it so that they are free to answer *(or not) whenever they are ready to do so - it does make an absolutely perfect *(so far) tool to keep in touch with others - wherever they happen to be at any moment in time - anywhere in the world - what is also very important and essential to keep in mind is that networking and especially networking on social media is not about selling anything directly to your friend or contact that you have made but more about these friends and contacts simply knowing about what it is that you do and then if they happen to know someone else that might need or want what it is that you have - well then the connection for the sale will be made for you - ………………………………………. 9-25-2012EABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian
9-25-2012EABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian

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