Sunday, February 10, 2013

Don't Cause Traffic - Create Presence!!!!!!

you know - I have been thinking about this mad drive to get "traffic" to people's websites and it just hit me while I was listening to a commercial about getting traffic to your website yes it really hit me - we all - no matter who you are and where you drive and whether you are a driver or passenger in a car or a bus or on a plane - dislike or some might even say - hate traffic in these circumstances - on the road - in the air - on the runway - even on a boat at sea or in the lake - and so why would we want - at least in referring to visitors to a website - to call getting more visitors and viewers - traffic or to create more traffic at a website - I would think it makes a whole lot more sense both idea wise and for the actual visitor experience to keep a website or blog or galleries or whatever we wish people to travel to- talk about and share with others - in as smooth a condition as possible so at least for a little while today I will be thinking of a better term or even a few better terms to use to refer to increasing the presence of my website - galleries and blogs in people's minds! . . 12-2-2012NABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian
12-2-2012NABCDE by Walter Paul Bebirian

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